Many people follow a San Diego blog for recipes

Many people follow a San Diego blog for recipes. They may do this for many reasons but mostly they like to be able to try new things. Those who live in Southern California may want to follow this type because of seasonal foods that are available and often used on these sites.

While some of the bloggers have a professional connection of some kind to food, not all do. Restaurant owners, caterers, and others often create these sites to share information about recipes, cooking techniques and ingredients. Just as many of these sites are created by people who only have interest and talent for putting food together in new ways.

Some of the cooks will provide information that corresponds to the type of fruits and vegetables that are in season. People like this because it allows them to get good prices on the ingredients for the recipes or to enjoy the items that are only seasonal. Others will put out information by type of food. Some will have a special section for home made soups when the weather first cools. Holiday foods prepared in new ways are often people look forward to.


Minimized Cooking Healthy Recipe And Nutrition Website Launched

We’ve officially launched our new Minimized Cooking website! Over the last two years, we’ve been accumulating new recipes and listening to your feedback, and believe the new website will bring tons of new features that you will enjoy and help you in your fight to keep eating healthy!

What We’re About
Minimized Cooking recipes are based on the Maximized Living Core and Advanced Plans presented in the Maximized Living Nutrition Plan book by Dr. B.J. Hardick, Kimberly Roberto and Dr. Ben Lerner. If you are interested in how and why to eliminate sugars, incorporate organic foods into your diet and the health benefits of doing so, I’d highly recommend starting with this book. You can purchase it HERE from their website and it includes some sample recipes and discusses issues like the problem with low-fat diets, healthy fats vs. damaged fats, which cooking oils to use and which to avoid, butter vs. margarine, why to avoid preservatives and more that may help you understand why we’ve chosen the ingredients and recipes to share. Our recipes are almost all necessarily Gluten-free, most are Paleo Diet approved and many more fit into the Daniel Fast, Vegetarian, Vegan and other diet and nutritional lifestyles. For more information on Maximized Living and what we believe, CLICK HERE.

What’s New
New Name | Yes, we’re now called instead of the old Check out the FAQ page to read more about that!


The Most Effective Fat Burning And Muscle Building Workout That Takes Just 13 Minutes

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Most people who want to burn off some excess pounds and tighten and tone their bodies simply don’t have 2 hours each day to spend in the gym performing the bodybuilding style workouts that most “fitness experts” recommend.

Plus, these workouts consist of exercises and techniques that do not exercise the body in the way it is normally used so they end up building a somewhat unusable strength. In my opinion, most people, unless their main objective is body building, shouldn’t perform the traditional style workouts

Aerobics Cardio

Cardio Circuit Training Workouts

Cardio circuit training workouts are a great form of exercise; good for the heart and circulatory system, good for muscle building and toning and great for keeping your weight under control. Another fantastic thing about cardio circuit training workouts is that you can do them in the privacy of your own home. There’s no need to spend a fortune on gym memberships or fuel to get to said gym and what’s more working out at home saves you time.

Depending on the cardio circuit training workouts you want to do, you don’t need expensive equipment either and if you hate the drudgery of running for miles then that’s fine too, because all cardio circuit training workouts need to do is increase your heart rate to between 60-80% of your maximum (you will find calculators online to find this out – it’s age dependent). If you want to burn fat, then 60% will do it and for fitness, up to 80%.

You need to focus on each of three zones for this workout; upper, middle and lower. The upper zone covers the chest, triceps and shoulders, the middle zone is the abdominal muscles and the lower zone includes buttocks and thighs.


Energy Drinks and Food Bars – Important Information

Some can be good for you if not over used but it’s important that you know what you are getting into instead of believing the company who’s trying to sell it to you because they aren’t worried about your health so much as their bottom line. With so many energy drinks available you must find out which ones really are good and which are more of a junk food in a “healthy package”.
One of the more recent “natural” sweeteners to become popular is agave nectar, but it turns out that this is actually a processed food that’s high in fructose. You will find some energy drinks that have either been regulated or banned all together. Of course we all know just how many of these products contain a high amount of sugar ordinarily but watch out for those who disguise the sugars in the food and beverages. You’re also not getting essential fibers and healthy fats when you eat too many food bars instead of meals. You need to choose one without added sugar especially if you are looking to lose weight. Healthy food bars can be good snacks and, when combined with something like a salad, part of a nutritious meal, but they can’t be considered meal replacements all the time. There is a wide variety of availability these days in energy, food, diet bars and drinks on the market and some are definitely better for you than others. There has been much controversy over energy drinks and food bars in recent years. High school athletes, professional athletes, middle aged men and women alike do it. You will find a lot of people who swear by them and others who make claims to the contrary. The information you’ll find below will help you determine which ones really are ok for you to consume.

As you can see from this information it’s imperative that you use common sense when it comes to food bars or energy drinks. This is not a product you want to tangle with if your goal is weight loss. High fructose corn syrup is commonly found in these products. s.

Read our full review of food bars and energy drinks and their full impact on your health and well being.

Weight Loss

The Best Diet For Weight Loss Lets You Cheat

The Best Diet For Weight Loss Lets Your Cheat

Are you desperately in search of fast and easy weight loss tips and plans that could help you quickly reduce body weight? If you are one of the millions around the world looking for an effective and proven weight loss plan, you probably have ran into many other “run of the mill” exercise and diet for weight loss plans. Unfortunately, most programs are very ineffective in actually reducing body fat and helping you keep the weight off with a long-term, livable and “real-world” maintenance plan.

Most weight loss food plans tend to be extremely strict in diet for as long as you’re on them, making these weight loss plans essentially worthless as they force you to plan your life around healthy nutrition, instead of planning healthy nutrition around your life. As these diet plans strictly enforce a very specific way of eating (i.e. low-carb) for as long as you’re alive, over a period of time, you tend to lose interest in continuing these diet plans for weight loss. Rightfully so, most people totally lose interest in weight loss as all of us are tempted to eat our favorite foods at least once in a while. It’s just not reasonable to think that everyone can be “perfect” with his or her diet their entire life.


Automatic Fettuccini Maker – Fashions of Fettuccini Machines and What They Do For You

Cooks put to use different appliances to boost the flavor of their precious meals. Preparing macaroni is a general exercise in kitchens. Many folks want made in the home manicotti because of the vivid flavor of some quality and smell. All the same the effort of preparing fettuccini is complicated for people with inadequate time. Family with limited time in the kitchen are advised to bring into play fettuccini maker to have the benefit or use of fresh meals. Chefs take pleasure in many advantages by adopting divers trademarks of gnocchi maker.

Gnocchi maker machine lessen the work of a lot of chefs in the cook’s room

The course of action of making fresh gnocchi has been grown easier by means of those automated macaroni maker machine Cooks enjoy an easy project nearby the kitchen while fitting different macaroni meals. The endeavor offorming and rolling dough to put together ravioli is exhausting. Hence, it is good to invest some capital on macaroni maker machine to set free time and task in the cookhouse.